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1) Question: What is cryptos all about?

Answer: Cryptocurrency is a virtual representation of any form of value, be it money or assets, and the underlying technology is called Blockchain. There are hundreds of coins that solves specific problems or makes our lives better. The exciting part about this revolutionary technology is that it will likely impact how we do things in the future, that’s why there’s so much potential.

2) Question: How do you buy cryptocurrency?

Answer: You can buy cryptos at any cryptocurrency exchange.

3) Question: What is the benefit of holding DDCT?

Answer: DDCT recognizes the need for responsible individuals to protect our environment and to use our natural resources responsibly. To do that requires a community of practice - a group of like minds to drive initiatives toward these goals. Thus, trading in DDCT is a means of creating a group of individuals who recognize the need for renewable energy and sustainable resource use in a way that will protect our environment and extend the life of our planet. This does not preclude the regular trader from trading just to add value to his or her stock and to give value to the token.  DDCT is ideal for both the prior and the latter use because of its limited supply. There is no way to increase to stock of DDCT tokens. With adequate demand and the limited supply of the token, the token is certain to increase in value.

4) Question: What DDCT Does?

Answer: DDCT is a tradeable ERC20 token which uses the Ethereum network and blockchain. DDCT brings together people of like minds and other persons who actively trade in cryptocurrencies. It is an altcoin that intends to leverage ideas of the crowd to drive consensus on renewability and sustainability by creating a common bond between environmental enthusiasts who owns the coin – an environmental club, so to speak – who will share ideas and knowledge about ways of making this world a better place for all of us. Through group activities, we can share a lot with each other and with the rest of the world. This concept is not novel, so is the case for persons owning Mercedes Benz, or Rolls Royce, or Lamborghini – through the ownership of the same item, group bonds are formed, relationship thrive, and discussions flourish.

5) Question: What problem does DDCT solve?

Answer: Lowering the barrier to entry into the crypto world by providing easy access to the currency at a reasonably low trading price is one basic benefit of owning DDCT. Another is that by creating a community of practice in renewable energy and sustainable resource use, the potential exist to extract a smaller number from this group to create a not-for-profit initiative under the DDCT brand that may lead education, advice, and other initiatives toward the global adaptation of responsible resource use and energy conservation practices.

6) Question: How will DDCT help the environment?

Answer: Mining Cryptocurrencies generate about as much carbon dioxide over 30 months as one million cars in the same period ( This translate to the equivalent of the same amount of energy to mine a dollar’s worth of precious metals as it does to mine a dollar’s worth of cryptocurrency. Mining requires energy-intensive computers to compute calculations. This massive carbon footprint is having a very harmful effect on the environment. While DDCT might not be the only way to address this issue, it will at least bring awareness to this problem. Simply trading and collaborating has no such problem - a natural benefit of owning altcoins. It requires no extra energy or resource. It also brings people together, first by creating a group of enthusiasts, second by sharing in the mission or goal, third through shared ideas, and fourth by having this common space for knowledge management among group members, while at the same time, not precluding others who just want to create wealth through trading.

7) Question: Where can I trade in DDCT?

Answer: The existing trading sites are listed on the home page, subject to expansion, which include DDEX and ETHX and more.

8) Question: Are DDCT tokens available to anyone?

Answer: Yes! Anyone with a compatible ERC-20 wallet can trade in DDCT from any place in the world even if all you are interest in is simply trading in the token. We especially welcome you to help us to add value to the token.

9) Question: How will DDCT start a revolution?

Answer: A revolution need unity around a shared purpose with a particular passion. That’s the hope of DDCT, to seek a central truth on conservation and renewability, to explore areas of reform, and to create the concrete goals needed for making these things happen. In doing so, the group can build the partnership required along with the motivation, message, and enthusiasm it takes to actualize this mission. Like minds and common ownership of DDCT, we hope, will allow enthusiasts to be connected directly through their trading platform and through DDCT social media, thus allowing persons who truly share an interest to benefit maximally through group activities. Yet, in doing so, not only are token owners connected, but also they are earing at the same time through the tokenization of DDCT. DDCT can be traded in WETH, USD, and,INR, with more pairs to come. Active traders will be trading as they would with any altcoin – that’s not the novelty. The novelty comes from the bond created through the common interest of environmental consciousness. In addition, this is one of the few altcoin that is convertible directly into fiat. What a revolution, earning while participating in an activity in which you truly share a passion!

10) Question: Is Digital Dollar Coin LLC a member of any reputable organization?

Answer: Digital Dollar Coin LLC, the issuer of DDCT, is a member of two of the most prestigious organizations within the crypto space. GBA Global is geared toward driving initiatives within the government space whereas The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance is the organization that caters to the private sector and especially those within the finance space.

11) Question: What KYC and AML practices cover this token?

Answer: There is no need for a coin/token to observe KYC and AML policies. That burden is left to the exchanges themselves. For example, Ethfinex’ Trustless DEX launched without KYC, having pointed out that it is impossible to obscure the source of a person’s funds: every transaction is visible and recorded forever onchain. Cryptocurrency exchange Hodl Hodl allows traders to swap cryptocurrencies without the need to undergo compliance. Centralized exchanges often follow their financial institutions, and other regulated companies to confirm a customer’s identity and ascertain relevant information needed when doing business with them. Existing regulations only include those engaged in exchanging between virtual and fiat currencies. Virtual currency to virtual currency exchanges is not covered. So, for example, Bitcoin-to-Ether exchanges will not be regulated. Therefore, follow the guidelines of your jurisdiction and the exchanges with which you transact business.